It is what happens behind the scenes that makes Donnybrook Fair truly unique. We believe that using only the freshest ingredients and preparing all of our food by hand enables us to deliver products of unmistakable flavour and quality. We’re also passionate about sourcing and selling the best produce and food so that what you buy in our stores always reflects our unrivaled standards.

Charcuterie for me and charcuterie for you!

With our extensive range of European and Irish cheese, cured meats and olives, it's easy to build your very own charcuterie and cheese board from scratch. Just ask any of our deli team and we'll be happy to help.

Pop into our fishmongers today and pick up some delicious John Dory

Simply bake the fillets in butter with lemon and capers and serve with pea and mint purée, chive mashed potatoes, a green salad and a crisp glass of Sancerre. Voilà lunch is served!

A bit on the side

Think of a mouthful of top-quality, all natural, savoury deliciousness tantalising your taste buds…that’s 'A Bit On The Side' jellies  We just love this delicious wine and tarragon jelly pairs beautifully with cold cuts, salads, cheese and crackers!

For the perfect meal to end the day

Donnybrook Fair offer a wide range of homemade, honest to goodness dishes that are each and all prepared by our dedicated team of chefs. From our much beloved Beef Lasagne to our award winning Classic Fish Pie, there’s something to suit nearly every taste. The perfect solution to both large events and small gatherings.  Shop here.