Winning Tips for a Healthy Winter from Foot Solutions Stillorgan

After a rocky start, we are starting to feel more positive about the coming year; a year that will hopefully see us all returning to something resembling our normal lives soon.

At Foot Solutions, we are looking forward to opening all of our stores again to welcome you back. Given the current Level 5 Restrictions, most of our stores will remain closed for the next few weeks. Stores that continue to operate will do so on an appointment only basis. Please check our website for full details.

In the meantime, don’t miss our top tips for a healthy and active winter below. Stay safe.

Staying Active In Winter

2021 has brought a sprinkling of snow and frosty temperatures with it. Staying motivated enough to leave the cosy confines of the house can be tricky this time of year. Below we have rounded up some of our best tips for maintaining motivation and having a healthy winter.

Staying active in the winter can help distract us from the negative news and lack of sun. Even adding a little more movement to your days can benefit your health in all manner of ways. By being physically active, you reduce the risk of health problems and prevent foot problems. Even better, you strengthen your bones and your muscles and become stronger each day.

Whether you walk, jog, or do yoga and Zumba in your living room, keep moving to help your body make happy chemicals (endorphins) and boost your brain function. A little gentle exercise every day can also help to reduce anxiety and depression.

Working From Home

With more of us than ever working from home due to Covid restrictions, it is important to be conscious of our movement or lack of it. It’s easy to fall into bad habits e.g. replacing ‘extra time’ saved on our commute to do more sedentary work, or working longer days due to lack of a fixed routine. Very quickly the lines between home and work begin to blur and that can have a negative effect on your health and wellbeing.
So set your routine and boundaries. Get up regularly and stretch, go outside, go up and down the stairs, anything to move your body.

Taking breaks is good for your sanity and also ensures you are resting your eyes from sitting in front of a computer. You could schedule the breaks in your daily calendar to remind you. Get out at least once, or ideally twice a day, for a walk, run or cycle.

~ Set A New Routine

So much has changed that very few of us have a regular or familiar routine at the moment. Fitting in time for ourselves, or exercise, or getting fresh air may have fallen by the wayside. Don’t worry; help is at hand. Research done in the UK revealed that by simply writing down when and where they would exercise, study participants’ exercise rates doubled.

The exact sentence they used in this study was “During the next week, I will partake in at least 20 minutes of vigorous exercise on [DAY] at [TIME] in [PLACE].” Just by writing down and completing this sentence, the participants experienced increased motivation. Try it out for yourself and see if it helps.

Help Someone Else

Some people can’t get out with the current weather and restrictions because they are elderly or vulnerable. Knowing that there are people in your community that might need your help could be the motivation you need. Lending a hand is a win-win situation – you keep active, and your neighbour has someone to rely on. Why not ask your cocooning neighbours if they have a dog that needs walking or errands that you could run for them?

Alternatively, you could take on a walking challenge for charity. Many Irish charities welcome participants year-round for active fundraising challenges that can be completed in your own time and area.

Set A Personal Goal

Having a set goal or reason for staying healthy can be extremely motivating. Since exercise and active lifestyles have so many benefits, your options are endless. Do you want to improve your overall fitness? Would you like your joints to ache less or reduce your foot problems? Perhaps you want to set a daily step count. Whatever your goal or reason, write it down to keep yourself motivated.

~ Try Easy At-Home Fitness Options

For those of us stuck at home (or just not keen on going out when it’s cold) there are fun and easy ways to stay active in the house. As well as using housework and gardening to help you stay active, you could try one of these activities.

Floor to Standing Exercise

This exercise is excellent for anyone who feels stiff and has a little less spring in their step than you used to. Done carefully and regularly, the floor to standing exercise can loosen up joints and get that spring back. This one is great for all ages and most fitness levels and uses nearly every muscle in the body.

  • Start by clearing space and lay down a bath towel or exercise mat.
  • Wear exercise shoes for grip and support and loose-fitting clothes.
  • Start by standing tall at one end of your mat and taking a deep breath in.
  • Next, carefully lower yourself onto the floor and into a kneeling position.
  • Then, using your arms to support you, lower yourself until your lying down. Note:You can lie on your back or stomach, whichever is most comfortable for you. If you lie on your back, roll onto your side to get up safely.
  • Take your time to get back up to the starting position and use a chair for support if you need to.

Repeat five times daily or more if you feel able to.

At the moment Foot Solutions in Stillorgan remains closed 😢.  In the meantime, if you need anything please email us on and we will do our best to accommodate your request. If you are an existing customer and need replacement footwear please email us and we will organise to post what you need out to you (if we have it in stock that is!😉). Stay safe and we hope you are getting out and about and making the most of this lockdown! 🚶🏃‍♀️