Barking Mad Pet Store Launches in Stillorgan Village

We have everything you need for your furry friends.  Pop by and say hello.  You will find us opposite Rocks Jewellers!

New Pet Carriers

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Pet Food

Buy 9 packs get 10th FREE

Did you know we have our own pet food line?

Barking Mad Premium Pet Food is a high quality food for both dogs and cats of all ages, breeds, and sizes.

GRAIN FREE- this makes pet food highly digestible which reduces stomach issues and sensitivity. We use sweet potato as the digestible carb in all our foods.

HIGH QUALITY PROTEIN - no byproducts, animal meal, or over processed meat. We use freshly prepared whole animal protein for a nutrient dense, natural and palatable food.

DIGESTIVE HEALTH - Prebiotics MOS and FOS for healthy gut bacteria and digestion.

ADDED OMEGA 3 - for heart health, joint care, brain & vision function, inflammation, immune system and healthy fats.

Toys and Furry Friends

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